Titanium curved surface –
Safe material for medical use

Titanium has been widely used in the medical field. Being stable, safe and skin-friendly, it is suitable for different types of skin, including sensitive skin. The cooling effect of the metal on the skin is soothing and comforting.

200Hz HF pulse helps to import skincare ingredients into the
underlayer of skin ensuring better product efficacy

The 200Hz HF pulse can transform the liquid into micro
molecules by vibrating 12,500 times per minute, transporting essence to the corium layer to nourish your skin. Additionally, the sonic pulsations help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin by improving blood and lymph circulation, cell vitality and oxygen absorption.

According to the usage report released by a well-known research institute in Scotland, upon application of the product for 4 weeks, eighty percent of the respondents said their skin had been whitened, more even, elastic, and less wrinkles on their forehead, corners of the eyes, both sideburns and below the eyes.

「SkinSense Technology」
Automatically adjust the cleansing level based on your skin conditions

TIA’s HF vibrating technology is able to produce the frequency of pulsation ranges from 4500 – 8500 times per minute. It is much more effective than cleansing with hands alone which could only reach the equivilant of 100 times per minute.

The patented SkinSense technology senses the pressure
imposed by the brush on your skin via the built-in chip and
automatically adjusts the pulse power. It prevents high
frequency irritation to sensitive skin whilst still giving the most
effective cleanse and care to your skin.

Firm press
Offer strong SkinSense pulsation for oily skin
combats impurities

Gentle press
Offer mild SkinSense pulsation for dry and sensitive skin
Gentle cleansing, prevents damaging your skin

Soft and skin-friendly brush head to reduce blackheads and pimples

Magnetic charging port for easy recharging

The magnetic charging port allows easy connection on approach, which can effectively reduce wear and tear of the charging port and achieves complete waterproofing of the device.

Up to 2 months of battery life

It has a long battery life. Once fully recharged, it can be used continuously for 1 to 2 months.

No overcharging

The battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours. Then it will start automatic protection mechanism to prevent overcharging.

Three colors available, pick your preference

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