TIA MAS Microelectronic Aesthetic System


BeGlow TIA MAS Microelectronic Aesthetic System


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    BeGlow – TIA MAS Microelectronic Aesthetic System

     TIA’s HF vibrating technology is able to produce the frequency of pulsation ranges from 4500 – 8500 times per minute. It is much more effective than cleansing with hands alone which could only reach the equivilant of 100 times per minute. The patented SkinSense technology senses the pressure imposed by the brush on your skin via the built-in chip and automatically adjusts the pulse power. It prevents high frequency irritation to sensitive skin whilst still giving the most effective cleanse and care to your skin.

    In addition to the refreshing experience of cleansing, TIA MAS, with the microcurrent contouring technology developed by BeGlow, can effectively and rapidly repair your skin, reduce fine lines, soothe edema, and refine the facial contours, bringing the youth back to your skin.

    TIA MAS stimulates the facial skin with its 250-350 uA of converged microcurrent, which reaches the fascia layer. The microcurrent stimulates the ATP (triphosadenine) and activates facial muscles so as to promote regeneration of collagen and speed up your metabolism.

    The TIA MAS offers three microcurrent modes: “gentle”, “medium” and “high intensity”, allowing you to choose the appropriate microcurrent intensity for your needs.

    ?Product Specification:

    Colour: Pink/Purple/Black

    ?Size: 108x66x36mm

    ?Weight: 102.7g, 320g

    ?Battery: Li-Lon 800mAh 3.7V

    ?Charging time: 180 minutes

    ?Availability: 60 days

    ?Standby time: 60 days

    ?Current Frequency: 100Hz

    ?IPX7 waterproof
    FDA-approved silicone for medical use, high safety and skin-friendliness
    Annual replacement of the silicone brush head is recommended

    ⭐How to use :

    1️⃣Makeup remover: apply cleanser to your face, then moisten your brush head and use in cleansing mode.

    2️⃣ Cleanse your skin for about 1 minute: move the brush head slowly to cleanse your entire face without rubbing your skin, gently press and apply strong pulses as you move to the oily areas of your face.

    3️⃣ Microdermabrasion: Use with your favorite skincare products and apply to the areas of your face that need treatment. Choose the right amount of current according to your needs and perform a microdermabrasion for a recommended 3 minutes. (Water-based skincare products help to enhance the effect of the microcurrent treatment).
    *It may cause slight irritation to some parts of the body, so it is recommended to test your skin’s sensitivity to microcurrent on the inside of your arm first.

    4️⃣ Clean the device: Wash the device with water, place it in a dry and ventilated cool place, let it dry naturally.


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