BeGlow Limited Edition – BeGold TIA All-in-one Sonic Skin Care System


Recover, firming | lifting | cleansing


BeGlow TIA All-in-one SkinSense Cleansing Device (Recover)

With cleansing, firming and lifting benefits, BeGlow Tia runs ahead of similar products. The deep cleansing mode enables 4500 – 8500 times of pulsation per minute. This is much more effective than cleansing with hands alone which could only reach the equivalent of 100 times per minute. The patented SkinSense technology senses the pressure imposed by the brush on your skin via the built-in chip and automatically adjusts the pulse power. It prevents high frequency irritation to sensitive skin whilst still giving the most effective cleanse and care to your skin. The brush head contains both fine and thicker bristles so that every part of your face can be efficiently cleansed. The silicone brush head is washable and replaceable, which ensures absolute hygiene.
Titanium has been widely used in the medical field. Being stable, safe and skin-friendly, it is suitable for different types of skin, including sensitive skin. The 200Hz HF pulse can transform the liquid into micro molecules by vibrating 12,500 times per minute, transporting essence to the corium layer to nourish your skin. Additionally, the sonic pulsations help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin by improving blood and lymph circulation, cell vitality and oxygen absorption.
The dual-pulse contouring mode produces disorder vibration. The undulation of the muscle reaches 100-200 times per second. It increases muscle contraction and elasticity while prevents fat accumulation as to achieve the effect of skin firming and lifting.



📍Weight:102.7g, 320g

📍Bettery:Li-Lon 800mAh 3.7V


📍Activity availability: 40 days

📍Stand-by time: 60days


📍IPX7 waterproof
📍FDA-approved silicone for medical use, high safety and skin-friendliness
Pressure-dependent oscillation with SkinSense® technology for all skin types
Annual replacement of the silicone brush head is recommended


1️⃣Makeup remover: apply cleanser to your face, then moisten your brush head and use in cleansing mode.

2️⃣ Cleanse your skin for about 1 minute: move the brush head slowly to cleanse your entire face without rubbing your skin, gently press and apply strong pulses as you move to the oily areas of your face.

3️⃣ Anti-Ageing: After cleansing, evenly apply your preferred serum, moisturiser or mask to your skin, and then start the anti-ageing import mode. Slightly massage your entire face in smooth upward strokes for 3 minutes.

4️⃣ Clean Contouring: Start the dual-pulse contouring mode, hold the device against areas of concern such as chin, jawline and cheekbones. Move the device over each area, spending more time on ‘problem’ areas. Use this mode for up to 3 minutes.

5️⃣ Clean the device: Wash the device with water, place it in a dry and ventilated cool place, let it dry naturally.

⭐When using the beauty device, please add an appropriate amount of serum, cream or gel so that the beauty device can glide. If there is no proper carrier on the skin, and the beauty device is forced to slide, there is a chance that the skin will appear red, swollen or wrinkled.

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