BeGlow Replaceable Silicone Brush


Replaceable Silicone Brush head fits the facial curve to comfortably and effectively cleanse all parts of your face, including nasal folds and tear troughs. According to research, the condition of the silicone surface may be compromised over time due to general wear-and-tear, improper cleaning of the brush and exposure to certain product ingredients, which can lead to the risk of bacterial adhesion and reproduction*. BeGlow’s detachable silicone brush head allows you to deeply clean the brush head itself ensuring absolute hygiene and product longevity.

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    BeGlow – Replaceable Silicone Brush
    Made of FDA food grade silicone, BeGlow Replaceable Silicone Brush is compatible with your BeGlow device and offers you an unrivalled, ultra-hygienic cleansing experience. The gentle silicone material effectively resists bacteria build-up, allowing you to clean and purify your skin with maximum results. The replaceable brush head can be easily removed for cleaning, and promotes an optimum cleanse when changed once a year.

    ?Product Specification:
    ?Ingredient:silicone?Packing size:12.5 x 8.5 x 1.3 CM


    black, lavender, pink, white